Jason Mauck

Loran Steinlage
No-Tiller, West Union, Iowa

Jimmy Emmons
No-Tiller, Leedy, Okla.


Fire, Floods, Family and No-Till Success

Jimmy Emmons and Loran Steinlage (2020 NoTill Innovator) have built dynamic, profitable no-till operations — but the challenges they face are very different. Emmons no-tills cash crops and raises livestock in hot, dry western Oklahoma. Steinlage uses a variety of creative planting systems to no-till several different crops in a veritable stew of different soil types in eastern Iowa. Emmons and Steinlage will use a detailed, tag-team approach to share the management tactics they’ve relied on to achieve no-tilled success in such differing climates — including how they incorporated cover crops in challenging environments, tamed difficult soil types, managed water infiltration issues and scaled up their operations to make them more regenerative and profitable.