Jason Mauck

John, Alex and Jeffrey Young 
No-Tillers, Herndon, Ky.

The Future of No-Tilling — Business and Profit

It’s been almost 6 decades since Harry Young Jr. no-tilled the first commercial plot of corn in Herndon, Ky., and no-till has certainly come a long way since, as the bold experiment set off an agricultural evolution across the U.S. and globally. But farmers must still log a profit as they do right by soil health to stay in business.


John Young, Harry’s son, and Harry’s grandsons Alex and Jeffrey will be using data culled from a cutting-edge econometric formula to discuss the economic forecast for yields, prices and production trends across the globe to clarify what the profit picture could look like in the future for no-tillers. And they’ll discuss how no-tillers can use this data to position themselves to farm not only more sustainably but more profitably in the future.