Martin Classroom

Lloyd Murdock and Steve Martin
Martin Industries

Tips and Teachable Moments from the Early Days of No-Tilling

From the first no-tilled acre in Herndon, Ky., to a fledgling manufacturer in nearby Elkton serving a maverick market, it was a humble beginning for the practice and for Steve Martin (No-Till Innovator 1996) of Martin Industries. But through hard work and innovation the company has helped push no-till practices in every corner of the U.S. with customer-driven designs. Martin Industries' Steve Martin and Lloyd Murdock will share stories of Martin's early struggles farming and how it instilled a survival instinct in them to succeed — and how growers today can use that same mentality to succeed on their own farms. They’ll share interesting tidbits about the evolution of row cleaners and closing wheels and what they learned to do or not do in certain soils, and how the Keeton seed firmer made different closing wheels work.