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Replay the Best-of-the-Best Presentations from the 2023 National No-Tillage Conference!

Since 1993, the National No-Tillage Conference has been providing farmers with practical tips and ideas to run a more successful no-till operation. The 2023 National No-Tillage Conference took place at the Hyatt Regency St. Louis Arch Hotel from January 10-13, and welcomed no-till experts from around the world for 4 days of idea sharing and networking.


You can NOW replay and revisit the best-of-the-best presentations through the 2023 National No-Tillage Conference Video Series. Start watching below!



13 Inspiring General Sessions Offering Trusted No-Till Advice

From cover crops to nutrient efficiency to pest management and more, the 13 headlining sessions below from the 2023 National No-Tillage Conference are sure to deliver an abundance of practical, proven no-till strategies that you can implement into your operation today. Hear from yield recordholders, No-Till Innovators, leading researchers, equipment experts and more!

Choose a General Session and Begin Watching!

Jim Stute


Beating Glyphosate-Resident Weeds by Planting Green

Russell Hedrick


Capturing High Yields with Regenerative Ag


David Hula & Randy Dowdy


6 Profit-Boosting Tips for High-Yielding Corn


 Brock Waggoner & Tim Eyrich



Bridging the Gap to Gain Efficiencies

Marion Calmer



The Yield Impact of Destratification, the Sequel

David McGavin, David Krog, Jon Jackson


Ahead of the Curve:

Cutting-Edge No-Till Technology Review

Richard Brain & Daniel Perkins


Pesticide Spray Drift Buffers & Setbacks —

What It Means to U.S. Growers?



50 Profit-Building No-Till Soybean Ideas in 50 Minutes

Gregg Sauder


Why No-Till Planter Settings Will Make or Break Your Crop

No-Till Innovator of the Year Awards Ceremony


Celebrating the 2022 Class of Inductees


Jim Leverich


What I’ve Learned From 30 Years of No-Till Trials


Ray Archuleta


Harness the Power of Your Plants to Position Your Operation for Long-Term Success


Phil Needham


New Profit Opportunities with No-Tilled Wheat



23 No-Till Classrooms Offering Expert Instruction

The sessions featured below are your chance to catch up on the expert instruction and valuable advice that attendees received at the 2023 National No-Tillage Conference during 23 high-powered No-Till Classrooms.

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Vinayak Shedekar

Making Sense of Soil Health Reports for No-Till

Keith Wendte

How to Use Precision Technology to Make Data-Informed Decisions

Joel Reddick


Our 6-Year, ‘All-In’ No-Till Journey


Lance Gunderson


Tracking On-Farm Progress Through Soil Testing

Dave Stark

Boosting Nutrient Cycling with Microbes


David McGavin

 INTERNATIONAL PERSPECTIVE: Tink We've Got Drought? Best Tips from Australian No-Tillers

Dan Forgey


Using Crop Diversity to Improve Soil Health


Dr. Kevin Bradley


Best Weed Control Ideas for No-Till Corn & Soybeans


Rod ReJesus


The Data is In ... No-Till Increases Land Values 


Steve Swaffar


Managing Grazing for Improved Soil Health


Kelly & DeAnna Lozensky


Against the Grain: Eliminating No-Till Inputs for Healthier Soils & Higher Profits

Andy Thompson


Troubleshooting Tips & Tweaks for No-Till Planters


Jerry Hatfield


The Real Value of Carbon: Putting Carbon to Work for You


Gregg Sauder


Tackling Today’s Nutrient Placement Challenges


Jeff Martin


CoverCress for No-Tillers: Experiences with a Third Cash/Cover Crop

Bob Recker

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Wide-Row Corn


Ross Bishop


The Real Work of No-Till Farmer-Led Initiatives & Best Ideas to Rally Your Community

C. LeRoy Deichman

Selecting Twin-Row Corn Hybrids for the Solar Corridor Crop System


Jim Leverich

Focus on Fertility for Higher No-Till Yields


Mike Zwingman

Tips for Improving No-Till Nitrogen Use Efficiency


Jerry Hatfield

Understanding How Carbon Impacts Soils & Crops

Randall Reeder & Vinayak Shedekar

Latest & Most Promising No-Till Research

Marion Calmer

Combine Settings for a Stellar Soybean Harvest

No-Till Tech Talks: Innovative Product Solutions Sessions

Choose a Tech Talk and Begin Watching!

Find valuable no-till product and application information by replaying the No-Till Tech Talks. These rapid-fire presentations — from industry-leading suppliers — each examine a different no-till solution and/or how-to tip. This special session was moderated by No-Till Innovator alum and No-Till Farmer Legend Randall Reeder, retired ag engineer at Ohio State University and leader of the Ohio Conservation Tillage Conference.


Move Yield Barriers to Profit Opportunities with SIMPAS-applied Solutions™

Susterre: Use Ultra-High Pressure Water Jets to Handle Heavy Crop Residue with No Downforce

Why UFC & Improved Varieties

Turning Equipment into Solutions

What’s New in the Planter Box? Terrasym Microbial Technology

Confidence in Carbon for No-Till Farmers Through CarbonNOW®

PeptiGro - New Product in Toolbox to Increase Corn, Soybean and Wheat Yields

Maximize Your Uptime…Applying Liquid Fertilizer with Extreme Accuracy and Peace of Mind

Plant for Profit:

How Value-Added Markets For Soy Can Open New Revenue Streams for No-Till Farmers