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New Research Shows How Drought Impacts Corn Yields

With the information gained from this study, the researchers are now trying to make corn more resilient to drought stress. The next step is finding genetics of corn that are naturally able to handle drought better during flowering.
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Microbials: The X-Factor for Your Corn [Digital Demonstration]

More and more farmers are turning to biologicals to help protect their corn yield. In this digital product demo, experts share how Indigo’s breakthrough biofungicide, biotrinsic(R)  X19, provides an uncompromising new standard for managing seedling diseases and maximizing plant performance. It combines a unique triple mode of action to empower and enhance natural plant defenses from the inside and out. Also learn about two other innovative corn biologicals in Indigo's diverse lineup of biological products that have season long effects - including increase in root mass, improvements in stand emergence and vegetative growth, nutrient uptake, yield, and combating the negative impact of drought and heat.
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Focus on Emerged Weeds After Short Harvest

The dry pattern this fall may have reduced winter annual weed emergence, and we don’t appear to be headed into an overly wet pattern. It’s possible that weed populations are low and may not merit a fall application, although there are always more weeds out there than we think.
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Kenya GMO Decision has No-Till Upside

A decade ago, Kenya made the mistake of banning GMOs due to political pressures from European-funded activist groups and widespread anxiety based on scientific ignorance. It’s time for Kenya to catch up — and now we will. The No-Till Passport series is brought to you by Martin Industries.
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Dryland No-Tiller

K-State: Successful Spring No-Tilling Starts With Soil Testing in the Fall

Kansas State soil scientist Dorivar Ruiz Diaz saysfarmers should be aware that that dry conditions in much of Kansas this year could impact their ability to get an accurate soil analysis. For example, a soil’s pH level – a measure of how acidic or basic the soil is – can be misleading depending on the accumulation of solids or hydrogen at the surface.
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