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Strip-Till Operational Benchmark Study

Blending Fertilizer into the Berm, Variable-Rate Application Increase

Anhydrous and zinc applications decline, while more farmers applied monoammonium phosphate (MAP) and urea with strip-till rigs in 2015.
Strip-tillers often cite targeted fertilizer placement as a key benefit of the practice, to ensure that plant roots can access nutrients throughout the growing season. But the 3rd Annual Strip-Till Operational Benchmark Study revealed some interesting changes in what type of fertilizer strip-tillers are applying and how.
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What I've Learned From No-Tilling: Rejuvenating Acres and Ramping Up Soil Productivity

No-till is just one component of the system Dan DeSutter is using to break up compaction, store water, increase organic matter and improve yields.
My dad gets the credit for taking the initial steps of reducing tillage on our farm, but I can probably take some credit for pushing us into a full no-till system. And I do mean system, because no-till is just the tiny tip of the very large iceberg that is our farm management strategy today.
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