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More On No-Till Seed Coatings

As we near the dawning of the new millennium, farming technology leads us to the future of seed coatings and a plethora of new cropping possibilities.
Since the first word of the first rumor leaked out, there has been a buzz amid the no-till community about seed coatings. But not just any seed coating, coatings that would delay germination for up to 20 days, opening a new realm of different possibilities.
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Discing Away Your Profits

If you haven't already read it, there was a fascinating article of special interest to no-tillers found in the October issue of Soybean Digest. Entitled “Discing Profits Down,” the article features on-farm test data from Indiana indicating that the more a farmer discs the ground in the fall, the more profit he or she will end up losing.
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“No-Till Is Key To Growth”

By saving time and showing landlords the many benefits of no-till, this Kentucky farming operation has grown to taking crops off more than 6,000 acres.
When you're expanding, nothing is more important than making the most efficient use of your time and equipment while boosting yields.
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New Seed Coatings Mean Exciting No-Till Changes

Polymer seed coatings will extend double-cropping northward, encourage no-tilling of full-season soybeans prior to corn and help no-till corn growers ignore the calendar.
With polymer based soybean seed coatings expected to be used by a few farmers next spring, many traditional seeding ideas are about to be discarded.
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Can You Rely On Yield Maps?

The value of yield maps depends on how accurately you interpret them.
While you may have recently bought a yield monitor with the hopes of unraveling the secrets of yield variability in no-till fields, be aware of the limitations in yield map accuracy, cautions Tom Doerge, Pioneer precision farming agronomist.
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Test Plot Design Gets Easier

The split-planter comparison methods provides a simple, reliable way to gather highly valuable on-farm yield data.
Yield monitors are an unparalleled data-collection device for on-farm testing, says Tom Doerge, Pioneer precision farming specialist.
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The Benefits of Subsoiling

An Ohio State study finds yields on poorly drained soils can improve with subsoiling.
Subsoiling can help improve yield potential of certain poorly drained soils, a six-year study by ag engineering researchers at Ohio State University (OSU) shows.
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Stubble Height Vs. No-Till

Questions often arise among no-tillers concerning the best height at which to leave small grain stubble. At the Semiarid Prairie Agricultural Research Centre at Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada, researchers set out to find answers by no-tilling four spring crops into three residue combinations.
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