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Light sensor tools help growers make sense of nitrogen

Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. That’s certainly true for nitrogen fertilizers. Without enough nitrogen, crops don’t grow well. Yields are reduced significantly. Applying too much nitrogen fertilizer, on the other hand, can hurt the environment. Researchers have found that active canopy sensor-based nitrogen management can efficiently manage nitrogen in agriculture.

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Carving Out a Nitrogen Management Niche with Crop Sensing Technologies

The ability to quickly calculate and make in-crop nutrient and crop protection application adjustments can put more bushels in the bin.
Optical remote sensors attached to sprayers and sidedress machines collect and use data in real time, giving no-tillers and strip-tillers the ability to tailor nitrogen (N) prescriptions for fields.
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What I've Learned From No-Tilling: Doubling Soybean Yields with No-Till, Precision Technology

Capitalizing on the expertise of those around him helped David Eickholt double soybean yields over his 30-year no-till tenure.
I don't know everything when it comes to farming. Admitting that fact, and seeking out the knowledge of others, has helped our farm move forward at a steady pace over the years.
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