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New VitTellus Bio Soil Health Test Available

A&L Canada Laboratories Inc. announced today the launch of VitTellus Bio, a new soil health test for the agriculture industry that quantifies soil microbial populations which support improved soil health and greater crop productivity.
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A Flexible Flight Plan for Scalable Cover Crop Application

Seeking an alternative to traditional aerial seeding methods, Tom Leitgen engineered a drone-based cover crop application system to provide a timely solution for smaller-acre no-tillers.
Seeding cover crops is often more art than it is science. But if the last few years have taught no-tillers anything, it's that flexibility and timing are critical to getting a cover crop established during the available window of opportunity.
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Using Aerial Imaging for Smart Scouting and Field Management

For aerial imaging to be worthwhile it has to lead to changes in farm management that improve profits and efficiency, says AirScout co-founder Dan Sutton.
Earlier this year, Dan Sutton asked attendees at the National No-Tillage Conference for a show of hands to indicate how many farmers in the room had seen aerial imagery of their farms in the past 5 years. Almost all the hands in the room went up.
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What I've Learned from No-Tilling: A New Legacy of Improving Economy, Profitability and Best Practices

Trent Profit builds on years of conservation practices to take his family farm to the next level.
I WAS BORN into no-till and there’s a running joke I wouldn’t know how to drive a tractor straight if I had to thanks to the family’s quick adoption of guidance technology.
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