Great Plains' PL5200 Planter is a highly accurate seeding solution with practical technology to make quick, efficient work of planting. With a clean frame design, producers can quickly transition with high visibility and maneuverability for a safe, comfortable experience in the field and on the road.

The Planter's 5000 Series Row Unit allows producers to achieve exceptional crop stands and higher yields. The 5000 Series Air-Pro Meter provides excellent singulation and accuracy using a positive-air system that “dead drops” seed into the patented Clear-Shot Seed Tube to achieve uniform spacing. The Air-Pro Meter is designed to handle a wide variety of crops.

The PL5200 is a 40 foot mounted stack-fold planter. The PL5200 can accommodate a wide variety of crops in single- and twin-row planting with exclusive features that enable operators to switch between row spacings in under an hour.

The PL5200 delivers a needed bulk-fill, stack-fold solution with Great Plains twin-row capabilities, along with other key practical technologies. It is available in both large-capacity bulk-fill hoppers or individual row hoppers. Producers can choose from a traditional 3-section mechanical ground drive, a 3-section variable rate-ready hydraulic drive, or electric individual row control (IRC) drive.

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