[Webinar] Understanding Soil Health — Where We Are and Where We Need to Go


What is “soil health?” Ask 10 people this question, and you’ll likely get 10 different answers. Dr. Zouheir Massri will help you understand soil health as it relates to soil functionality and where we need to go to take soil health to the next level in this free No-Till Farmer webinar sponsored by AgroLiquid.

The soil physics and fertility research manager for AgroLiquid shares the system he’s developed to measure soil microbial respiration activity, which is important to establishing sustainable farm management practices that improve crop yields and maintain soil health.

Some of things Dr. Massri will review include:

  • The three dimensions that define soil health – biological, physical and chemical
  • The ways soil health impacts crop production
  • Different ways to measure soil health
  • Actions to improve crop productivity and maintain soil health


Dr. Zouheir Massri, Soil Physics & Fertility Research Manager

Zouheir joined AgroLiquid in the spring of 2015 as a soil scientist. He is directing research involving movement and persistence of plant nutrients and formulation effects. Zouheir is a native of Syria and obtained his B.S. and Higher Education Diploma in Syria, Soil Fertility Specialization in Italy, and his Ph.D. in Soil Physics from Kuban State University in Russia. Zouheir has been in the US for several years, most recently at Michigan State University. He has published extensively in agronomic research, including journal articles and training manuals. He was previously a key supervisor of research in soil and water programs in the International Center for Agricultural Research in…

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