Case IH Early Riser 2130 Stack-Fold Planters will be available with a bulk-fill tank option, factory-fit liquid fertilizer system and wing downforce. While the 2130 planter also comes factory-available with on-row hoppers, the bulk-fill tank option brings increased seed capacity and reliable seed delivery for more efficiency with each pass.

The bulk-fill tank option allows producers to save up to 50% of the time it takes to tender seed with on-row hoppers while tendering more effectively with one man instead of two. The tank also provides 2.2 times more seed capacity on a 12 row planter and 1.6 times more seed capacity on a 16 row planter when compared with on-row hoppers.

Factory-available liquid fertilizer system delivers accurate application from aftermarket tanks mounted to the sides or front of the tractor. Growers can save trips across the field by applying starter fertilizer in-furrow. The fertilizer system is available from the factory on the 2130 planter, including all toolbar and row unit distribution to the furrow and a three-section control system with optional row-by-row shut-offs, controlled by the Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) Pro 700.

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