PLACEMENT MATTERS. This no-till system places popup fertilizer below the seed with about a half-inch of soil between the seed and the fertilizer band.

Start Your Corn’s Engine With Popup

For a slight premium versus broadcast fertilizers, popup fertilizers can increase your no-till corn yields to the point of tripling your investment.

Are you ready to give your no-till corn crop a great start?

For years, producers have used starter fertilizers to ensure a good start for their corn. This is a proven management practice that can increase yields and profits.

In fact, starter fertilizers may even boost your seedling’s growth to the point that your conventional-tilling neighbor will wonder why your crop growth is keeping up with or even passing his corn.

Crop nutrients in cold soils are just not as available to small corn plants as in warmer soils. Thus, providing quick access to nutrients will let your seedlings take off and maximize their yield potential.

Starter placed 2 inches deep and 2 inches away from the seed has been a common practice. But with today’s larger planters, many no-tillers have switched to popup fertilizers to minimize machinery investment and improve labor efficiency.

Studies at the University of Minnesota have shown popup works well. However, caution must be taken to avoid seed burn from too much salt, which can reduce germination and stands. With popup fertilizer, a little bit is good, but too much can be bad.

Researchers in Minnesota and Wisconsin generally recommend that you use popup fertilizers with a salt index of 20 or less and limit rates to 7 to 8 gallons per acre in 30-inch rows. This will minimize the chances of the fertilizer impacting germination, yet allow young plants quick access to nutrients for improved growth and yields.

Popup Application

There are many approaches to…

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Jim Leverich

No-Till Farmer's Conservation Ag Operator Fellow for 2022, Jim Leverich is a no-till farmer near Sparta, Wis. His 1,000 acre-farm has been in his family since 1864 and no-tilled since 1984. An innovator and educator, Leverich has 35-plus years of no-till and on-farm research experience, and possesses a deep, practical understanding of what makes no-till work. For his contributions while at the University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension Service, Leverich was named the No-Till Innovator of the Year (Research & Education category) in 2006. A talented presenter and writer, Leverich was a regular guest columnist for No-Till Farmer in 2011 when it earned the Gold Medal as the nation’s top newsletter from the American Society of Business Press Editors.

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