[Webinar] Improving the Performance of No-Till Drills


This webinar, sponsored by Exapta Solutions, helps you look closely at your no-till drill setup to improve seed spacing and placement for better stands and yield potential. Get proven techniques and top-notch tips to improve the poor seed placement common with no-till drills and help them perform more like no-till planters from the late Exapta founder, Matt Hagny.

Hagny covered the following:

  • How to effectively complete the separate actions of depth gauging, seed firming and furrow closing
  • Getting the right amount of ballast on no-till drills and properly setting down pressure
  • Avoiding the devastating effects of hairpinning that hurts seed germination, stands and yield
  • Tips, tricks, maintenance and upgrades for John Deere 50/60/90, Case IH Precision 500 and New Holland P2080 and P2085 no-till drills.

Matt Hagny

No-till consultant and Exapta founder Matt Hagny

This webinar features:

Matt Hagny, who grew up on a grain and cattle farm in South Dakota, migrated to Kansas in 1993 to set up shop as a consulting agronomist for no-till systems. He also offered a custom no-till seeding service from 1994 to 2001, which led to experiencing frustrations and realizing insights for better methods of no-till seeding.

Matt has traveled the globe, both as a consultant and a student of no-till, and has learned from some of the best. Matt conducts highly acclaimed "Seeding Schools" every year to assist farmers in better understanding all aspects of no-till seeding equipment, ranging in subject matter far beyond Exapta products.

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