Soil Amendments May Be Missing Piece Of The Production Puzzle

Soil amendments work in harmony with other inputs to increase water infiltration, correct compaction and maximize crop production.

If only farming were as easy as poking a seed in the ground in the spring and harvesting a bumper crop in the fall. The more we learn about farming, however, the more we realize what a science it actually is — and a complex one at that!

To be successful, no-tillers need to understand the physical, chemical and biological systems at play in the field. While many have a firm grip on fertility, planting and harvest strategies, soil amendments may be a missing cog in the machine that will push crop performance to new heights.

There are a variety of soil amendments that offer a broad range of benefits, including compaction correction, pH adjustment, enhanced microorganism colonization, better water infiltration and more.

The following are some of the soil amendments no-tillers are using.

Nutrient Recycling System

SO-IL Service partners with Nutrapathic to offer a grouping of products that work together to improve the soil from several angles.

Their nutrient recycling system includes the use of SO-IL Cal, a 10% calcium chloride solution; Bio Carb, a high-carbon liquid fertilizer; Soil Restore, which works to loosen soil and contains mycorrhizal stimulants; and Liquid Bacteria Concentrate, which provides several strains of beneficial aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.

“We like to apply this combination as soon as harvest is finished and then with, or prior to, any nitrogen application,” says Don Owings, owner and CEO of SO-IL Service.

The combination speeds up residue decomposition and recycling of nutrients; reduces soil compaction; increases aerobic bacteria…

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