Companies Announce Partnership To Develop New Multi-Hybrid Planter

Beck’s Hybrids is partnering with Harvest International, Precision Planting and Schlipf Precision Ag to develop a multi-row width, multi-hybrid concept planter. 

Developed for Beck’s Practical Farm Research (PFR) program, the concept planter will help the agriculture industry gain a better understanding of the optimum row spacing, seeding rate and hybrid combination per acre.

“Over the years, our PFR team has conducted several studies about row spacing and seeding rates, but we’ve yet to determine the right row spacing, seeding rate and hybrid combination,” says Jason Gahimer, PFR operations manager. 

“This concept planter will allow us to plant in 10-, 20- and 30-inch rows, as well as multiple hybrid, variable-rate populations and variable-rate fertilizer throughout the field to identify the zones, spacing and seeding rates that will maximize yields.”

The planter features a custom planter bar and row units by Harvest International; Precision Planting vSet Select multi-hybrid meters, vApply HD liquid control system, a FurrowJet in-furrow liquid attachment, CleanSweep for the pneumatic row cleaner control, and DeltaForce hydraulic down force control system; Yetter Mfg. closing wheels and row cleaners; and a Surefire Ag fertilizer pump system. 

Schlipf Precision Ag assembles the Precision Planting components onto the Harvest International planter bar.


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