[Webinar] What Do I Need to Know About No-Tilling Non-GMO Corn?

Midwest Biotech

This webinar, sponsored by Spectrum Premium Non-GMO Seed Corn, will serve as a refresher on how to manage non-GMO corn. No-tiller and Spectrum Seed founder Scott Odle will share lessons learned and strategies he employs from many years of raising non-GMO corn on his Linden, Ind., farm.

Odle will share the following:

  •  How to manage herbicide and insecticide challenges without traits like Roundup Ready, LibertyLink or Bt.

  • How to use cover crops within a non-GMO system to support the growth of conventional corn.

  • Economics behind raising non-GMO corn and how they can pencil out to be more profitable.

  • Other considerations in trying to raise a productive non-GMO crop, such as herbicide drift management, application timing of pesticides and more.


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Scott Odle

No-till farmer and Spectrum Seed founder Scott Odle

This webinar will feature:

Scott Odle founded Spectrum Premium Non-GMO Seed Corn after becoming frustrated with the escalating costs of traited corn, and the increased costs of stacks upon stacks. He was not afraid to work a little harder and think a little different about how to manage weed and insect pressure and believed that capturing yield potential was mostly his responsibility… and he could be rewarded for that effort.

Odle had a big vision for leading yield and controlling costs on the farm, and joined forces with Scott Johnson, who had the plant breeding passion and a nursery already underway. From that momentous start the two forged relationships with numerous industry players and have grown the…

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