Black Earth

[Webinar] Getting to Know the Trillions of Friends Underfoot: Focus on Soil Life

Black Earth

In this free webinar sponsored by Black Earth, makers of high-quality humic products, NRCS West Regional Soil Health Team Leader Jennifer Moore-Kucera gives you a thorough look at the vast array of living organisms in your farm soils and explain how a thriving soil biology can help improve crop production.

Growers will learn…

  • How soil organisms are involved with all aspects of how soils function
  • Management practices that protect soil organisms’ habitat and provide food to stimulate numerous benefits that will help plants grow better
  • Ways to improve soil biological life and health on their farm
  • How to recognize the improvements to soil biology after making a management change

Jennifer’s presentation was followed by a Q&A session.

Jennifer Moore-Kucera
NRCS West Regional Soil Health Team Leader

As the West Regional Soil Health Team Leader for the NRCS Soil Health Division, Jennifer Moore-Kucera leads a team of three soil health specialists who support the agency’s soil health activities in 13 western states and the Pacific Islands. Prior to joining the NRCS, Kucera was an associate professor of soil and environmental microbiology with the Department of Plant and Soil Science at Texas Tech University where she conducted research to better understand management options for positively influencing the soil’s living organisms. She holds a Ph.D. in soil science from Oregon State University.

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