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[Webinar] Turning Fertilizer Into a Winning Investment

Brian Banks

No-tillers are tasked with making decisions each year to enhance production, improve sustainability and advance the bottom line. But when faced with stresses like low commodity prices, no-tillers are often tempted to view inputs like starter fertilizer as an expense rather than an investment.

During this No-Till Farmer webinar, we were joined by Brian Banks, senior agronomist for The Andersons. Banks explained how to capitalize on the benefits of fertilizer through proper placement and timing to maximize nutrient availability and provide nutrient balance in no-till soils. This webinar was sponsored by The Andersons & PureGrade Liquid Fertilizer.

The senior agronomist for The Andersons is a certified crop advisor and vice chair of the Research and Education Committee for the Fluid Fertilizer Foundation. Banks covers the following topics:

  • Positional availability of nutrients 
  • How temperature affects fertilizer uptake
  • Nutrient balance 
  • Nutrient stratification 
  • Time and placement of nutrients 

For more information, call Brian Banks of The Andersons at (402) 416-1271 or email him at brian_banks@andersonsinc.com.

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