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Additional winners from the AE50 awards

John Deere SeedStar Mobile


John Deere’s SeedStar Mobile is a mobile application that helps operators better understand and optimize the performance of their planters. It utilizes an iPad to display and document the row-by-row performance of the planter while planting in the field. This provides the operator a better visualization and understanding of how the planter is performing, helping the operator verify the planter is running properly or when adjustments/repairs are needed. SeedStar Mobile displays the planter performance through numerical dashboards and high definition maps enabled by the high screen resolution of the iPad. The app captures the following planter data attributes: actual population, target population, seed spacing CV, singulation, applied down force, gauge wheel margin, ride quality, ground speed and variety.

Deere & Co., Moline, Ill.

John Deere Machine Sync Coverage Map & Guidance Line Sharing


The John Deere Machine Sync Coverage Map and Guidance Line Sharing increase your ability to automatically apply inputs while operating multiple machines in the same field. Coverage Map Sharing provides operators the ability to view coverage documented on a second GreenStar 3 2630 display operating in the same client, farm, field and task; providing the ability to utilize John Deere Section Control to manage inputs based upon the previous coverage of a second machines. It also simplifies the creation and setup of guidance lines with Guidance Line Sharing and easily sends a straight-track guidance line created by one vehicle to the second in near real-time. Coverage Map and Guidance Line Sharing functionality has been added to the existing John Deere Machine Sync supplementing Harvest Automation and Harvest Logistics functionality.

Deere & Co., Moline, Ill.

John Deere Mobile Data Transfer


John Deere Mobile Data Transfer (MDT) utilizes a USB to Wi-Fi device to transfer data files between a precision farming display and a user’s mobile phone. The data files can then be sent between the “cloud” ( for secure storage and sharing with trusted business partners. Prescription files can also be sent from to the precision farming display via MDT. The use of MDT reduces the need to manually transfer data via USB flash drive between office, machine and business partners, increasing customer uptime and productivity, reducing the risk of data loss and enabling easy data sharing and quicker decision making. It connects operators to their data when utilizing mixed fleet solutions or older John Deere equipment. With MDT, operators are able to share information within the Operations Center for most of their fleets, including some competitive displays.

Deere & Co., Moline, Ill.

John Deere Harvest Mobile


John Deere Harvest Mobile is the first mobile application that optimizes machine functions to improve grain harvesting and features data collection and transfer to help operators make timely decisions with a simple, usable interface, according to John Deere. Interactive Combine Adjustment(ICA) is an industry exclusive tool that enables combine operators to make smart, quick adjustments to settings when issues arise. The tool is visualized through the app and uses the combine’s current settings, priorities set by the operator and issues reported to recommend the best adjustment to address the issues. Two new map layers are available to the operator in-cab — ground speed and dry yield — which are presented in addition to moisture and wet yield. Data is collected on the iPad and available wherever and whenever the customer wants to view their harvest map layers. Harvest Mobile also transfers data near real-time to the MyJohnDeere Operations Center to be viewed by remote managers and trusted advisors via the Job Monitor. They can view up to the date progress and key job metrics.

Deere & Co., Moline, Ill.

John Deere AirPower 2

John Deere AirPower 2 increases customer productivity by allowing wider working widths while maintaining seed and fertilizer application rates with equal to or better than current production commodity distribution. The system was designed from the ground up by John Deere for the 1910 Commodity Cart and is compatible with the John Deere SectionCommand option. The system is powered by two new large diameter cast aluminum fans contained in cast aluminum housings driven by efficient hydraulic motors designed specifically for fan applications. The air is blown into a molded plenum, which evenly distributes air across its ports. After being divided up the air is sent to new 3 inch stainless primaries and 3 inch manifolds that interface with current meters. Also new is the tank pressurization system that adds user adjustable valves, which determine the amount of air routed to the tanks as well as a new in-cab electronic pressure monitoring system.

John Deere Seeding Group, Moline, Ill.

John Deere 2510H High-Speed Applicator with Dry Nutrient Attachment


The 2510H High-Speed Applicator with Dry Nutrient Attachment from John Deere increases nutrient placement capability and improves accuracy while reducing field passes. By adding the on-board dry tank attachment, dry nutrients and anhydrous can be applied in a single pass. The 2510H with Dry Attachment can now apply all three of the primary nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium and micro nutrients below the soil surface during the fall, pre-plant and side-dress seasons. By having the nutrients available in the root zone, the crop is more effectively nourished potentially leading to improved yield. In addition, the sub-surface placement greatly reduces runoff and other losses resulting in more nutrients available to the plant. The 2510H with Dry Nutrient Attachment allows the customer to boost yields, save time, cut cost and better manage nutrients through application practices adhering to the 4R Nutrient Strategy.

John Deere, Moline, Ill.

John Deere TruSet Tillage


TruSet from John Deere is an industry-exclusive technology that enables users to independently adjust depth or pressure settings for each operation on their 2730 Combination Ripper from the cab, on-the-go, for maximum agronomic results. As conditions change throughout the field, operators running the 2730 with TruSet can quickly and efficiently respond to varying soils, compacted areas, heavier residue and moisture. Making customized adjustments that respond to these agronomic factors help customers maximize their yield potential. With TruSet, operators can adjust depth settings for their discs, rippers and closing discs on the 2730 Ripper along with pressure settings for the active hydraulic rolling baskets. These adjustments are made in cab from the GreenStar 3 2630 Display that also provides users with real-time data for their actual tillage settings.

John Deere, Moline, Ill.

John Deere 1870 Air Hoe Drill

John Deere will be launching a 76 foot wide, 1870 Air Hoe Drill that will increase the productivity of large ag, small grains producers by seeding more acres per hour. This new machine includes these new features: TruSet depth control, dual acting cylinders on improved tyne openers, a heavy duty John Deere engineered frame designed to minimize transport height and width, a floating hitch for improved ground following, an opener pattern optimized for residue flow and an improved seed blockage detection system. All of these features will be integrated in a 36% wider working width compared to previous offering. The TruSet control system will allow the operator to adjust opener depth and down force on the go from the comfort of the tractor cab. Design features that minimize transport width include retractable openers that increase ground clearance, as well as bump-up and bump-down transport height adjustment that temporarily raises and lowers the frame to avoid obstructions overhead and below. This results in a seeding tool that transports under 23 feet wide, ducks down to 17 feet transport height and raises up to provide 18 inches of ground clearance when needed. The machine’s efficiently designed, heavy duty frame allows for future increases in draft and tow loads. Increased front to back opener spacing combined with a floating hitch allows for ease of residue flow through the frame while maintaining ground following performance.

John Deere Seeding Group, Moline, Ill.

John Deere Tractor Plus Mobile App


The John Deere TractorPlus mobile application provides customers with easy access to information to help them be more productive with their 3E, 3R, 4M and 4R compact utility tractors. The application is intended to serve as a quick reference tool for on-board instructions and diagnostics while offering a variety of features for convenience while working. The application offers the following features: Tractor Setup — provides a step-by-step guide for setting up features, including the hitch assist and Final Tier 4 engines; Icon Glossary — allows users to familiarize themselves with the instrument panel and premium features; Error Code Lookup — a searchable database of diagnostic trouble codes; and Notebook — a place for operators to save notes on the machine’s performance for future reference.

Deere & Co., Moline, Ill.

John Deere 6R Series Tractor


The new John Deere 6R Series Tractors offer increased power, advanced technology and improved productivity. The new PowerTech PVS 6.8L and PowerTech PSS 4.5L engines meet Final Tier 4 requirements while providing the customer with industry leading fluid consumption, an additional 5 horsepower per model and up to 40 horsepower Intelligent Power Management (IPM). The new 6R Series Tractors have 8 total models to choose from between 110-215 engine horsepower offered to customers worldwide, with the 110-155 horsepower models introduced in 2015. The new ComfortView Cab incorporates technology and functionality, with the new CommandARM featuring an integrated CommandCenter display, an electronic reconfigurable joystick, increased seat swivel and wide angle mirrors. Other improvements on the series include optional cab LED lights, improved stability and handling during transport, automatic MFWD and differential lock, relocated rear SCVs with hose disengagement levers, and the new R-series loader with increased lifting capacities and automatic mast latching technology.

Deere & Co., Moline, Ill.

John Deere 8000 Series Self Propelled Forage Harvester

The new John Deere 8000 Series Self Propelled Forage Harvester allows for 15% more forage productivity, 50% more reliability and 65% less time in maintenance. New in 2016, John Deere Stone Detection is a solution for the detection of stones in the incoming swath of material via sensing of rapid upper front feedroll movement and/or impact to the lower front feed roll. This system will provide a lower cost of operation because the machine should run more efficiently over time due to more pristine cutting parts. The system will provide reduced maintenance cost due to reduced component damage and repair. Finally this system will produce a higher quality of cut due to better condition of cutting components throughout the life of the harvester. John Deere Stone Detection uses an accelerometer on the upper front feedroll arm to detect rapid movement, and a knock sensor in the lower front feedroll to detect impact. Either sensor, individually or together, can stop the feedrolls to prevent ingestion of a stone. This reliably prevents damage to the cutterhead, knives and other components by avoiding contact of the knives and cutterhead drum with large and small stones. This system is completely adjustable for sensitivity from the cab; operators have the ability to adjust the sensitivity in extremely uneven windrows. This is the first system on the market that can differentiate between lumps in windrows and stones using this combination of technology. In 2016 John Deere increases its SPFH range with three new models. The eight model line-up is 375-832 horsepower. Stone detection adds to the list of unique features such as dual header drive, twin line inoculant dosing system, HarvestLab with constituent sensing and quick change kernel processor with integrated removal hoist. The new JetStream crop flow provides for greater throughput, while being protected by stone detection and metal detection.

Deere & Co., Moline, Ill.

Claas Lexion 700 Series Variable Speed Feederhouse


The Claas LEXION 700 Series’ 278 horsepower heavy-duty “variable speed” feederhouse/header drive is designed to provide adequate power transfer to the attached header through a heavy duty planetary header drive gear box (with oil cooler) that is driven by a variable speed pulley set via a heavy duty reduction drive gear box to drive extra large combine headers and their attachments (e.g., 16-row/30-inch or 18-row/20-inch chopping corn heads) at any rpm according to need. The 278 horsepower feederhouse/header drive provides industry leading “variable speed” header drive power, which allows the operator to vary (or optimize) the speed of the combine’s feederhouse and platform header’s cutter bar or corn head’s row units, simultaneously, according to the condition of the crop. Comparatively, the other feederhouse/header drive with similar power offering adjusts its feederhouse/header speed using a 5-speed power shift transmission that does not enable the operator to optimize feederhouse and header speed beyond its 5-speed limit.

Claas of America, Omaha, Neb.

Sukup Mfg. Stirring Machine Delay Control System


The Stirring Machine Delay Control System from Sukup Mfg. helps keep a grain stirring machine on task by providing more time for removal of obstructions and by notifying the operator if a stoppage caused by wet or crusted grain lasts more than 10 minutes. The device uses a micro-controller that senses if a down auger is hung up in grain. As soon as the hung-up auger returns to vertical, the controller sends a signal for the machine to wait an additional three minutes before resuming travel around the bin. This allows more time for the rotating auger to break up obstructions. If the auger does not return to vertical within 10 minutes of the stoppage, the operator is notified via horn or text message that the stirring machine has stopped working. Currently, the operator has to rely on visual observation, which delays response in correcting problems, thus delaying the grain drying/conditioning process.

Sukup Mfg. Co., Sheffield, Iowa

Sukup Mfg. Self-Aligning & Locking U-Trough Auger Hanger Bearing


Sukup Mfg.’s Self-Aligning and Locking U-Trough Auger Hanger Bearing is an easy-to-install bearing that helps guide itself into place and is easily locked into position, requiring no special forming of the trough. The bearing is designed with arms that slide along the walls of the trough to balance the bearing on top of the auger as it is pushed into the trough. It also has tabs that lock the bearing into place on supports inside of the trough. The bearing’s design allows the auger to be removed and reinstalled without direct access to the bearing, which is critical in the event of a plugged unload system. Competitors’ hanger bearings require a specially formed trough or hands-on access to the bearing for auger installation, removal or replacement.

Sukup Mfg. Co., Sheffield, Iowa

Sukup Mfg. QuadraTouch Pro Grain Dryer Control Console


Sukup Mfg.’s new QuadraTouch Pro grain dryer control console is an enhanced version of the 2009 AE50 Award-winning QuadraTouch console. The new version has a fully integrated OPC (Open Platform Communications) server that allows for multiple devices to be connected and read simultaneously. This new console has a larger, higher-resolution display that shows more content more clearly, and an 80 gigabyte hard drive that stores not only the operating software but the entire operating manual for the dryer and, remarkably, 17 troubleshooting videos. The console’s front-access audio port allows easy plug-in for listening to videos. QuadraTouch Pro allows remote operation wherever cellphone service is available, and a fully functional Windows personal computer with on-screen keyboard. Software can be upgraded easily online or by using a flash drive and features an all-in-one format enabling use on Sukup dryers ranging from an 8-foot portable to a 10,000 BPH tower dryer.

Sukup Mfg. Co., Sheffield, Iowa

Pentair ProStop-E Ball Valve


ProStop-E from Pentair is an intelligent, compact, electronic quarter-turn ball valve that mounts directly onto the sprayer’s nozzle body to provide instantaneous, individual nozzle on/off control across the boom. ProStop-E’s high flow performance and low power requirement makes it an ideal precision control component for pesticide applicators on today’s modern farms. Its smart circuitry accepts either an analog signal or CAN bus message to individually switch product flow, consistently and reliably, on or off, in 180 milliseconds along a simplified, daisy-chain networking system.

Pentair, New Brighton, Minn.

Kuhn SW 4014 Square Bale Wrapper


The SW 4014 Square Bale Wrapper from Kuhn North America now features an AutoLoad function for non-stop, fully automatic wrapping. The new laser guided AutoLoad feature detects approaching bales, automatically scans the length of the bale and sets the loading arms into pre-load position ensuring accurate loading and unloading of the bale on-the-go. AutoLoad reduces driver fatigue increasing productivity by up to 15%. Increasing the productivity reduces the amount of time the bales sit unwrapped in the field directly preserving the bale silage quality. The SW 4014 is a versatile, self-loading wrapper that has the ability to wrap large square bales up to 6 feet, 6 inches long or round bales up to 5 feet wide and 4 feet, 8 inches in diameter. Its solid design makes it extremely stable while wrapping. Forage growers will notice the increased overall wrapping capacity and user comfort with the AutoLoad feature that contributes to their forage quality and bottom line. Operator comfort is enhanced further with in-cab controls through ISOBUS compatibility.

Kuhn North America Inc., Broadhead, Wis.

New Holland T7 Heavy Duty Series Tractor


The new T7 Heavy Duty Series from New Holland answers the mixed crop and large livestock customer’s desire for higher power and productivity levels from a multitasking medium frame tractor. An NEF 6.75 L engine, specifically designed for the two model range, delivers a peak power of 313 horsepower on the T7.315. The Auto Command transmission delivers infinite speed adjustment while a 4 speed rear PTO and a unique optional 2 speed front PTO allows engine speed to be optimized. ISOBUS Class 3 technology makes it possible for implements such as New Holland’s large balers to control the tractor’s speed automatically, increasing output by up to 10%. The extensive list of equipment available includes a driver’s seat with climate control, up to 20 LED work lights and a tire pressure monitoring system. The T7 can be fitted with large group 49 tires and front dual wheels are available.

New Holland Agriculture, New Holland, Pa.

New Holland IntelliCruise Feed Rate Control System


The new IntelliCruise Feed Rate Control System for New Holland BigBaler 300 Series large square balers automatically matches tractor forward speed to the crop load at the baler, greatly reducing operator fatigue while increasing productivity and lowering fuel consumption. A charge sensor on the stuffer continually monitors the bale charges or slices delivered to the bale chamber to determine the demand placed on the baler and adjusts tractor transmission speed for optimal crop feeding. The IntelliCruise system has two operational modes. In Charge Control Mode, the tractor speed is adapted to achieve an optimum capacity pre-set by the operator. In Slice Control Mode, the tractor’s speed is adjusted according to bale-slice thickness to achieve a pre-set bale length. The feed rate control system is available on BigBaler 330 and 340 Rotor Cutter models with electronic bale length control and requires a New Holland T7 AutoCommand Tractor with Continuously Variable Transmission and ISOBUS Class III.

New Holland Agriculture, New Holland, Pa.

New Holland Flexi-Coil P Series Air Carts


The all-new Flexi-Coil P Series Air Carts from New Holland set a new standard for accurate, reliable air-seeding delivery. Each primary run on the IntelliRate Modular Metering System (IMMS) operates using patented, independent, 24-volt electric-drive motors with integrated controls that provide the flexibility to accurately apply product in either single-shoot or double-shoot applications. This modular system can distribute and combine any tank to any primary run. The IMMS system adjusts rates on individual runs to match the number of ports for each separate header maintaining seeding accuracy across the entire width of the drill. The P Series IntelliRate sectional-control option has the ability to individually control up to 12 sections of the air drill to eliminate double applications of seed and fertilizer. With New Holland PLM (Precision Land Management) auto-guidance, the system turns off air-drill sections automatically in areas that have already been covered.

New Holland Agriculture, New Holland, Pa.

New Holland Autofloat Sunflower Kit

The New Holland Autofloat Sunflower Kit provides sunflower harvesters the next step in automation by removing the need for the operator to adjust the chopping height while going through the field. The new patented kit, which can be added to most sunflower headers in the market, delivers a constant chopping height — independent of the cutting height — regardless of field conditions or machine orientation. This is achieved by using hydraulically lifted choppers controlled in a closed loop by sensing and reacting to the ground pressure applied by the chopper. Once the operator sets the cutting height and selects a set point for the pressure of the chopper on the ground, the Autofloat kit keeps the cutting height and ground pressure constant without further intervention of the operator. The system reacts quickly to bumps or stones to avoid damage to the chopper while allowing the operator to focus on other combine functions vs. manual interventions.

New Holland, Turin, Italy

New Holland Modular and Configurable Rice Concave for CX Combines


The new Modular and Configurable Rice Concave for New Holland CX Combines gives operators the ability to quickly and easily switch between crops as well as configure the concave for the optimal balance of protecting grain quality while reducing the amount of crop left unthreshed. Instead of spending hours exchanging a compete concave, the operator can easily unbolt and remove sections of the concave to remove or add friction wires to match crop conditions in less than 30 minutes. Broken kernels in this sensitive crop can be reduced by 50% while unthreshed grain heads can be reduced to nearly zero. This new rice concave is an option on New Holland CX flagship combine models CX7.80, CX7.90, CX 8.70, CX8.80, CX8.85 and CX8.90.

New Holland, Turin, Italy

Case IH Axial Flow 140 Series Combines Upgrades


Extensive upgrades to the Case IH Axial Flow 140 Series Combines improve harvesting capacity and ease of both operation and maintenance. Innovations include a new two-speed electric-shift ground-drive transmission, a new side-hill compensating cleaning shoe and significantly enhanced operator access to all harvesting systems. The new transmission provides increased tractive efforts and eliminates the need to manually shift the transmission during any harvesting maneuvers. A new side hill compensating cleaning shoe significantly increases capacity while harvesting on side hills. Operators benefit from improved user access to the machine’s threshing, separating and cleaning systems, made possible by new lighter and more-maneuverable concaves for easy changeovers; better concave access now that the entire drive system and clean-grain elevator have been moved; the residue system on a new swiveling hinge at the rear of the machine that opens access to both the cleaning shoe and the spreaders; and redesigned clean-out doors for the clean grain trough.

Case IH Agriculture, Racine, Wis.

AGCO Fendt 500 Vario Tractor


The Fendt 500 Vario meets the needs of operators who increasingly demand more with less. Representing award-winning German engineering, the Fendt 500 Vario consolidates the proven innovations and features of Fendt’s higher horsepower offerings into an expanded product line in North America, ranging from 110-150 horsepower (107-137 PTO). The Fendt 500 Vario comes fully equipped with the Varioterminal, which unites all functions together in one terminal for both tractor and implement controls, including VarioGuide automatic steering system, VarioDoc documentation system and built in camera function. The Fendt VisioPlus cab curves up into the roof and offers nearly triple the upward angle of sight, ideally suited to work with the Fendt CargoProfi Loader. Key features of the CargoProfi loader include Memo functions for saving loader positions as well as tilt and measuring sensor systems.

AGCO Corp., Duluth, Ga.

AGCO Command 3300 Series Corn Heads


AGCO’s Command 3300 Series corn heads represent the latest technology in addressing tougher stalks that support higher yields, with faster harvesting rates and reduced header loss relative to both cobs and overall kernel loss. A smoother transition of crop into the head is due to low density polyethylene snouts that feature a new shape and geometry allowing crop a smoother feeding without butt-shelling and ear bounce. Completely redesigned gathering chains and lugs that are synchronized to the large 20 inch auger that reach over gatherer and row units providing top performance in down corn. The chopper position and swing diameter minimize fodder intake. The horsepower required to drive the 3300 Series header was optimized to save up to 20% compared to one of the leading competitors. Standard fore-aft header tilt provides great performance in down corn. Available in chopping or non-chopping models, the chopping function can be disengaged.

AGCO Corp., Duluth, Ga.

AGCO Sunflower High Speed 6830 Rotary Finisher


Sunflower has added the all new Sunflower High-Speed 6830 Rotary Finisher to its lineup of tillage implements. The SF 6830 is specifically designed to provide producers the high speed, high residue flow capabilities unattainable with traditional shank equipped finishers and cultivators, according to the company. It produces a smooth level seed bed not always obtained by today’s vertical tillage tools. The 6830 is a new concept in seedbed preparation. The tool is completely void of sweeps and combines four types of rolling ground engaging tools into a three-step process: spherical disc blades and reels, wavy coulters and the Sunflower exclusive “Rolling Spider tines.” With this tool you can build a perfect seedbed in one pass. The SF 6800 series is also the first Sunflower tool to be equipped with Sunflower’s all new “maintenance free” disc gang bearings.

AGCO Corp., Duluth, Ga.

AGCO ProCut MF 2200 Series Large Square Baler


The ProCut system for AGCO’s MF 2200 Series large square balers introduces unique clamp-on rotor fingers and a range of new features to deliver a huge increase in capacity with a finer, uniform chop while also offering superb service access. This unique mounting allows rotor finger sections to be replaced easily, saving time and maintaining optimum performance. Two hydraulically selectable knife banks in the magazine allow operators to quickly engage or disengage the knives and change chop lengths from the tractor seat. Both knife banks are fitted with hydraulic protection. This uses an accumulator on each side that allows each knife bank to fold back against the hydraulic pressure to let foreign objects pass through. The driveline has been strengthened to handle the higher capacity and now provides 35% higher torque output. A 650 mm rotor, driven 10% faster, increases the baler capacity. The ProCut system is controlled by ISOBUS electronics.

AGCO Corp., Duluth, Ga.

AGCO WR9800 Series RearSteer Option


AGCO’s WR9800 Series now offers a RearSteer option, giving operators more on-road benefits like greater ease of transportation, best-in-class speed and enhanced stability at higher speeds, the company says. With the rear steer option, operators can tow their draper head along at speeds up to 20 mph. Using fully active hydraulic cylinders for true rear steering, this top-of-the-line option gives you steady steering and driver comfort at much higher speeds, up to 24.5 mph without a header and without the need of additional ballast, cab or rear axle adjustments, the company says. The RearSteer feature is engaged easily from the cab.

AGCO Corp., Duluth, Ga.

Claas Disco 1100 C Triple Mower Conditioner


The Claas Disco 1100 C is the world’s largest triple mower conditioner at a working width of 35 feet, 2 inches. Its simple side shifting wings and Active Float system make it unique, the company says. Each cutterbar is 12.5 feet, but with side-shift and curtain folding features, it can be folded upright to maintain a total transport height of less than 13.5 feet. The unique sliding PTO shafts improve reliability over standard 3-piece shafts currently used by the industry. The ISOBUS feature allows the operator to assign hydraulic functions to the auxiliary buttons on the joystick of the tractor — regardless of make — which makes it very user friendly, according to Claas. The Max Cut cutterbar leads the industry in cut quality due to its smaller disc design and concave channels under the cutterbar, which allow soil to flow underneath the cutterbar and keep it from plugging at the front.

Claas of America Inc., Omaha, Neb.

Claas Cruise Pilot


The Claas Cruise Pilot on the Jaguar 880 Forage Harvester is an innovative option that regulates the output of the machine in 3 different modes. The first mode regulates the engine for greatest capacity and best fuel per ton. This mode will push the Jaguar Forage Harvester to its maximum output. Claas Cruise Pilot not only senses engine load, it also uses the yield measuring sensor to monitor the crop coming in for consistency and actual tons so it can predetermine the maximum output of the machine. If the system senses slug feedings, it automatically slows the travel speed to prevent a plug. Mode two regulates ground speed only. Mode three is for small bunkers or small pack tractors and can set the max tons per hour the machine can harvest. In all three modes, the system will not allow the machine to be lugged down under 1,500 rpm for safe operation.

Claas of America Inc., Omaha, Neb.

Claas Jaguar 900 Series Forage Harvester

The Claas Jaguar 900 Series Forage Harvester (Type 497) introduces many new features that improve upon the previously sold Type 494 models. A new feedroll cabinet with hydraulic down pressure and dampening increases capacity by more than 5% while reducing vibration. The industry-first modular accelerator makes for easier and quicker maintenance. The new Type 497 forage harvesters are the first that can remind the operator to sharpen knives based on tons through the machine, according to Claas. The Dynamic Cooling System features a variable speed belt drive that reduces horsepower and fuel consumption when maximum cooling is not needed. It also features front and rear tire pressure adjustments for not only reducing compaction but also for a better ride in the field and savings in fuel consumption. A hydraulically adjustable accelerator gap adjusts the throw from the spout to save fuel when more aggressive is not required.

Claas of America Inc., Omaha, Neb.

Claas Xerion 4000-5000 Series

The Claas Xerion 4000-5000 Series is a powerful line of 4x4 tractors featuring the strength of a rigid frame, a turning radius tighter than that of an articulated tractor, the efficiency of a CVT transmission and a unique rotating cab that delivers unmatched flexibility and vision for even the toughest of jobs, according to the company. The Trac VC cab option allows for 180-degree rotation of the cab with the touch of a button. All in-cab controls are reoriented based on the direction the cab is facing. The rigid frame design eliminates the weak point of an articulated joint, while providing greater stability and operating comfort. High-capacity axles and five different steering modes including standard, crab, synchronous, control lever and 4-wheel steer ensure maximum maneuverability for any type of operation. The CVT transmission — unique to tractors of this size — eliminates the constant shifts of a traditional gearbox for precise speed control while maximizing productivity and fuel efficiency, the company says.

Claas of America Inc., Omaha, Neb.

John Deere Active Terrain Adjustment on 2016 S-Series Combines


The new Active Terrain Adjustment feature on John Deere model year 2016 S-Series combines automatically adjusts the cleaning fan speed, chaffer opening and sieve opening when ascending and descending hills. It improves grain tank samples when descending hills and saves up to $64 per acre in grain loss when ascending hills.

John Deere, East Moline, Ill.

John Deere Planter Closing Wheel Control System


The John Deere planter closing wheel control system improves upon the existing ExactEmerge and MaxEmerge5 row units to deliver enhanced control and capability of the seed trench closing system. Proper seed to soil interaction is critical for seed germination. As soil conditions change, the closing force may also need to change to achieve optimal closing performance. Utilizing a pneumatic spring, the system is fully adjustable from the cab and provides a larger range of applied force as well as smaller adjustment increments. Additionally, operators receive real time feedback on closing wheel performance via the planter monitoring system. The pneumatic closing wheel control system provides greater ability for the operator to achieve the optimum closing force as soil conditions change.

John Deere, Moline, Ill.