Cam Mills

[Webinar] Managing Your Cash Crop to Make Room To Cover Crop Effectively

Additional Webinar Q&A with Cameron Mills

Adding a cover crop into your cash crop rotation needs to be a well-thought-out process. You can’t stumble your way into success. Walton, Ind., no-tiller and veteran cover crop user Cameron Mills takes you through the primary things you need to consider to have a good experience making cover crops a beneficial part of your no-till system.

Here’s what you’ll take away from this 60-minute webinar:

  • What you need to be thinking about right now about your future cover crop program before you put your cash crop into the ground
  • Considerations for whether you might change the corn hybrids or soybean varieties that you use
  • What changes you might want to make to your herbicide program in advance of fall seeding of cover crops
  • Anticipating the window to get successful cover crop stands and how that might impact what seeding method you use
  • Having a plan the following spring to desiccate a cover crop the right way

Whether you’re a newcomer to the cover-crop scene or have years of experience working with cover crops, this webinar sponsored by KB Seed Solutions will help you improve your thought process and fine-tune your strategies with successfully implementing cover crops into your rotation.

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