Nutrient Management

[Webinar] Late Season Nutrition and Fall Programs to Enhance High Yielding Crops of 2014

Keith Schlapkohl
Keith Schlapkohl


This exclusive No-Till Farmer webinar took place on Tuesday, July 30. The webinar addressed ways you might be able to help crops with late-season nutrition and some things you ought to consider this fall to prepare for the 2014 cropping season. The event was moderated by Jeff Littrell, a strip-till and no-till farmer and president of FHR at Stewartville, Minn., and Keith Schlapkohl, a no-tiller and strip-tiller from Stockton, Iowa, and vice president of FHR.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The nutrition accumulation that occurs in corn hybrids, when your crop seeks nutrients and late-season foliar options to meet deficiencies
  • Ways to manage residue to return nutrients back to next year’s crop
  • Some fall post-harvest nutrient programs to set the table for next spring’s efforts
  • What you ought to prepare for ahead of spring pre-plant nutrient applications

For more information, call FHR at (877) 907-1444 or visit the FHR web site at

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