Vertical Tillage

[Webinar] Can Vertical Tillage Work Without Disrupting a No-Till System?

DeAnn Presley
DeAnn Presley

Vertical tillage has been sold as a low-impact form of tillage that helps farmers break down tough corn residue more quickly so they have a better seedbed to plant into the next season. But at best, the lines are blurry when it comes to what constitutes vertical tillage, whether it be with products available in the market today or the degree of soil movement deemed acceptable in a “no-till” system.

DeAnn Presley presented this webinar in late October 2013. The Kansas State University soils specialist provided a thorough examination of vertical tillage during the live No-Till Farmer webinar sponsored by Salford Machinery.

We have asked DeAnn to answer the questions we weren't able to get to during the live Q&A session. We will be posting those responses here when they are complete. 

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Here are some of things that Presley addressed in this exclusive webinar:

- Identifying and defining the terms of vertical tillage
- Understanding the differences of the various vertical-tillage implements available today
- Knowing how blades impact soil movement and what fits within the vertical-tillage concept
- Yield results and soil and residue properties from research conducted by Kansas State (2009-2011)
- The need to anchor crop residue and a look at results using various vertical-tillage tools
- When might you use a vertical-tillage tool in a no-till system?

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