Ways To Make Narrow-Row No-Tilled Corn Work Wonders For You

[Webinar] Ways To Make Narrow-Row No-Tilled Corn Work Wonders For You

Regardless of commodity prices, if you could raise more no-till corn and be more profitable, wouldn’t you do it? Narrow-row corn may provide an excellent opportunity to increase profitability with its potential yield increase and reduced herbicide costs – all to the tune of about $50 per acre. Get an understanding of the critical success factors with narrow-row corn through our Decemebr 2014 No-Till Farmer webinar sponsored by Calmer Corn Heads.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

• The key management factors different from 30-inch row corn to make narrow-row corn production successful
• The most common mistakes made that lead to an unsuccessful experience with narrow rows
• The benefits of a narrow-row system for fighting weeds and controlling erosion
• The yield results that can be expected when executed properly

Marion Calmer, head of Calmer’s Agronomic Research Farm and an experienced 15-inch-row corn grower, shares his onfarm research that shows the practical side and the critical success factors for making the narrow-row-corn system work.

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