Value-Added Crops Are Coming!

Polling attendees at National No-Tillage Conference shed new light on present--and future--practices with value-added crops in no-till farming.

With the dawning of the new millennium, no-tillers certainly didn’t disappoint anyone when it comes to including new ideas in their farming practices.

When asked about incorporating value-added crops into future crop rotations, an astounding 73 percent of conference attendees said they planned on planting more. Only 4 percent said no.

It’s The Future

When asked the reason for this response and concerns, this group was exceedingly vocal. Here’s what they had to say:

  • “We have to explore our options. Generic crops are not going to keep us in business.”

—Paul Tiemeyer, Rock Port, Mo.

  • “As no-tillers, we should be open to try new things.”

—Jack Herricks, Cashton, Wis.

  • “I’m interested in seed production due to the high cost of warm season grasses.”

—Jack Clark, Danville, Pa.

  • “Value-added crops are necessary to maintain consistent profit per acre.”

—Dave Morgen, Oakland City, Ind.


Even though there were numerous comments about the positive benefits regarding growing value-added crops, this crowd also had their share of concerns.

  • “Too many acres will kill the value.”

—Harvey Kistler, Colby, Kan.

  • “It’s hard enough to get contracts now.”

—J.W. Burnette, Fulton, Ky.

  • “They don’t work well on marginal soils.”

—Stan Smock, Edinburgh, Ind.

  • “There’s not enough good markets to justify them yet.”

—Derrick Krile, Windsor, Ill.

  • “Most value-added crops will become ‘commoditized’ in a short time. You must develop relationships to stay in front of competition.”

—Tim Terry, Crawfordsville, Ind.

  • “There’s not enough profit.”

—Steve Carr, Galion, Ohio

Answers To Production Concerns

Of course, there…

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