STRIP-TILL DEPTH IS CRITICAL. David Linn recommends a depth of 8 to 10 inches when strip-tilling, He finds shallower depths end up tossing clods of soil out on top of the ground.

Spring Strip-Tilling Works!

Tackling the challenges and sticking to the basics can improve your strip-tilling success.

Every no-tiller has one trick or idea that they absolutely can’t live without. For David Linn in Correctionville, Iowa, it’s strip-tilling in the spring instead of the fall.

No-tilling for 25 years, this veteran farmer crops 1,800 combined acres of corn, soybean and popcorn. And he has plenty of tricks up his sleeve to make this farming operation successful year after year.

1. Select The Right Equipment

“Equipment is really critical when it comes to strip-tilling,” Lynn says. “Many people are renting rigs from the local farm cooperative or farm chemical outlet and aren’t getting them set up properly. Take the time to get it done right, as it’ll pay off in the end.”

2.Keep Your Depth Deep

“One of the most important things in strip-tilling is to keep your depth deep,” Linn explains. “When you’re going 6 inches deep, you’ll end up ripping clods of soil and throwing them out on top of the ground. You’re not leaving a real good seedbed for the following no-till season. So if you go deeper, like 8 to 10 inches deep, you should be all right.”

3. Use A Mole Knife

“The mole knife really helps you lift the soil and build a nice berm,” he continues. “It also allows ammonia to come out from the side of the knife foot, keeping your ammonia deep in the ground. I like to run the knife 8 to 9 inches deep, so your depth holds a lot better and you don’t have to worry…

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