Nightshade, Using Crown Vetch As a Cover Crop, Closing Wheels Among Popular No-Till Topics

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Among the hot topics recently are nightshade, closing wheels and using crown vetch as a cover crop .

Here’s what no-tillers had to say about these popular topics.

Nightshade. We have 300 acres of STS beans with just enough nightshade to gum up our pre-cleaner. Ten days ago we sprayed them with Gramoxone. The weeds are dead, but the berries are still green and wet.

—Jim Royer

No-Win Situation. We had this a few years ago and this is a no-win situation. The nightshade berries will stay wet until they freeze or until next spring.

Try to blend them with beans from clean areas to clean out the combine or use a pressure washer on the sieves.


Clean Your Combine Well. The first year we saw nightshade we started to see soybeans run out the back of the combine.

I got out to see if one of the screens had closed up and it was like someone had taken jelly and smeared it all over the sieves and the tail end of the machine.

The nightshade bushes were not that thick in the field. We waited until we had a freeze…

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