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No-Tilling More Accurately

The key is overcoming seed placement concerns, maintains this no-till inventor.

Paul Schaffert has been no-tilling for 27 years. Over the years, the Indianola, Neb., farmer has overcome several serious no-till concerns with plenty of farm shop engineering know-how.

In fact, many problems he experienced with seed furrows and seed placement have been turned into products that other no-tillers now use as well.

Close The Furrow

When Schaffert had problems getting seed furrows to close in wet, heavier textured soils, he put a lot of pressure on the angular press wheels of the no-till planter. That pressure only closed over the seed furrow and when hot, windy weather followed within a couple of days, the furrows cracked open again and exposed the seed.

Schaffert says corn nodular roots are often exposed when the seed V gaps open. Exposed roots result in plants being lost in dry weather or poor plant development occurs.

When this corn is armpit high and a wind comes along, the stalks often lean over and result in what appears to be rootworm damage. Closer inspection reveals the seed V is still gapped open and a slight tug on the plant unearths the whole plant with its very poor root system. There are even times when the roots grow down the length of the furrow. With a diminished root system, the corn plants can‘t produce a good ear.

To overcome this problem, Schaffert developed the Furrow V Closer that runs about 3/4 inch to the side of the seed furrow and peels a ribbon of soil over the…

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