NEW WEED CONTROL IDEAS. Details on seven new no-till herbicides for more effective weed control in no-tilled corn were analyzed at Januaryâ??s National No-Tillage Conference.

New Products To Battle No-Till Corn Weeds, Insects

National No-Tillage Conference attendees heard fresh ideas on attacking both weeds and insects in no-tilled corn.

One of the hot topics at the National No-Tillage Conference held in Cincinnati was corn herbicides. Sara Gehant, technical support representative, Syngenta; David Lamore, technical service representative, Aventis CropScience; and Paul Sprangle, agronomy research manager, Monsanto; addressed issues on combatting corn weeds and introduced seven new products.

Touchdown IQ.

Touchdown IQ is a new diammonium glyphosate molecule from Syngenta that increases the glyphosate uptake and translocation throughout the weed plants, explains Gehant. “It results in better control of perennials and crop safety on corn,” she says.

The new formulation has several features. “Touchdown IQ allows the glyphosate molecule to reach the leaf surface, but to stay put in a wet format. If a herbicide is in suspension in water, it is available for uptake,” Gehant explains.

The diammonium molecule also reduces the natural antagonism of the positively charged ions in the spray tank and keeps more glyphosate available to go onto and into the plant.

The diammonium glyphosate molecules is a biodegradable corn polymer that gets through the waxy leaf surface, Gehant explains. For example, “Touchdown IQ is able to penetrate the cuticle and leaf of lambsquarter which is difficult,” she says.

The new IQ Technology helps Touchdown quickly translocate throughout the entire weed, Gehant explains. “Our diammonium molecule works well in difficult-to-control weeds and in drier conditions where you need more uptake of the herbicide,” she says.

IQ Rates.

For annual weeds less that 6 inches in height, Gehant recommends 1 to 3 pints per acre. For weeds taller…

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