New Ways To Control Weeds In No-Tilled Soybeans

National No-Tillage Conference attendees heard fresh ideas on battling no-till soybean weeds with the introduction of new herbicides.

One of the hot topics at the National No-Tillage Conference held in Cincinnati were soybeans. Harold Watters, an agronomist with Monsanto, and Dane Bowers, a technical support representative with Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc. addressed issues on combatting soybean weeds and introduced their new products, Roundup UltraMAX and Touchdown IQ, respectively.

Roundup UltraMAX

Watters, located in Ohio, says UltraMAX, a new formulation of Roundup comes in a 5 pounds active ingredient gallon formulation. Part of Watters job, he says is to to review complaints with regard to burndowns.

“I see some things that some of you don’t want me to see when it comes to yields and to your ability to control weeds,” he says.

“Some things that I see with the new Roundup formulation are superior rain fastness. The last few years Roundup Ultra has had a 2 hour fastness guarantee, but Watters says, “We’re going to a 1 hour rain fastness guarantee on the UltraMAX formulation.”

Crop Safety

“Because we are spraying this on Roundup Ready soybeans, we want to know that this product is as safe as the product we used before,” says Watters of UltraMAX. “We’ve got a lot of trial work showing that. It’s not a lot different, but you can spray 5 acres a gallon where before you were spraying 4 acres per gallon if you were using the quart rate.”

Environmentally Friendly

Watters says that landfill operators have been noticing quite a few Roundup jugs being thrown away. He says Monsanto has slashed by…

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