Strip-Tilling Soybeans

Firing Up A Heated Debate

What’s your experience with strip-tilling soybeans? My strip-tilled soybeans yield as well as no-tilled soybeans. With equal yields and fewer trips requiring a big tractor, more farmers should consider strip-tilling.

—Pete Hill,

When I no-till beans, I make two light-load trips spraying and one heavy-load trip drilling. I know how many bushels I need to produce to remain profitable. If I make more trips, my chances of gaining a profit go down. There’s not a large enough yield increase to justify the tillage.


Instead of buying a specialized rig and a big horsepower tractor to pull it, take your no-till seeding equipment and plant cover crops during the off-season. When managed properly, cover crops improve the subsequent cash crop’s yields and profitability.

—Matt Hagny,

Many farmers are looking for an excuse to keep a big horsepower tractor as a security blanket. You can work more acres in less time and with less horsepower under a properly managed no-till operation. It results in lower capital and fuel costs.


Several farmers use Paul Reed’s planter setup to no-till 30-inch beans. Convert your big horsepower tractor similar to Paul’s setup. The tractor pulls the largest no-till planter it can to keep the seeding speed down. It works as well in beans as it does in corn.

—Ed Winkle,

Soybeans aren’t as finicky in damp soils like corn. Strip-tilling corn results in better production.

Several growers use 12-row rigs with 185 horsepower tractors. The same rigs are used…

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