Are Martin Spading Closing Wheels Worth The Investment?

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It was an active month for no-tillers in the field, and on our Web site. Despite being swamped with work, no-tillers found time in their busy schedules to hop onto the Farmer’s Forum at and post their questions, answers and findings.

Hot topics this month included: Martin spading closing wheels, cross-slot openers, working uneven ground and seed firmers. To answer these questions or to start a debate on a different no-tilling issue, please visit

With the no-tilling season underway, this is the perfect place to get all of your questions answered by fellow farmers.

Martin Spading Closing Wheels

Does anyone have experience with Martin spading closing wheels?

I have a 15-row White no-till planter with the single-smooth press wheel (most of my soil is lighter loam or sand) and I was told that these wheels would improve my no-till performance. But, they are expensive. I’m trying to push the ground over the seed without having to use excessive down pressure to close the trench. I’d also like to know if these wheels plug in no-tilled corn stalks.


There is no perfect closing wheel in my mind. We switched to the Martin spading wheels when we took the coulter out of the seed row in order to till up some soil above and beside the seed trench. Many farmers have switched to these wheels to enhance their no-till operation. These closing wheels are normally a little damp and tacky if planting is done on time and do not…

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