HANDS-OFF ACCURACY PAYS. Many systems allow you to upgrade, should you find that your 10- or 4-inch accuracy auto-steering system isnâ??t fitting the bill. With no-till, you may quickly find that you need the repeatability of accuracy.

Hands-Free No-Tilling!

With all the talk about auto-steering, here’s how to decide which system is best for your no-till operation.

With every new innovation that comes around to make our lives easier, there comes a price tag — usually a hefty one. And that rule of thumb is not set aside when it comes to auto-steering.

Before you decide which auto-steering technology to purchase, do yourself a favor and listen to what Matt Sullivan has to say. This ag engineer at Ohio State University says that while the technology continues to change, no-tillers interested in tractor auto-steering can find what’s right for them if they just ask the right questions.

Seek Solid Answers

“People considering this type of technology often ask me the million-dollar question,” Sullivan begins, “and that’s which system is the hands-down best system you can buy? The question shouldn’t be what system is the best, but what system is the best for your no-till application.”

Sullivan urges no-tillers to consider four important factors.

  • Your type of no-till operation.
  • The farm equipment that you will use (combine, tractor, sprayer, etc.)
  • The amount of accuracy that you want (1- inch vs. 4-inch vs. 10-inch).
  • The price you are willing to pay.

Along with these basic four factors, Sullivan says there are other factors to be considered when deciding which system is best for you. These include optional features, ease of installation, row correction, ease of operation and technical support.

The first two on his list — operation and equipment — are seemingly easy. The final two factors, he argues, are the most important.

Complete Accuracy

“Field accuracy is determined…

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