A Request For Help From Africa

Farmer from Zimbabwe hopes experienced no-tillers can help convince his village neighbors that there is hope for a better way.

It’s not often that someone has the chance to influence the future of another nation. However, that opportunity now exists for no-tillers visiting Farmers’ Forum at www.no-tillfarmer.com.

A courageous but isolated would-be no-tiller in Zimbabwe, Africa, wants advice about making conservation tillage work in his hard-pressed homeland. Can you help?

Zimbabwe Needs No-Till.

In my country, Zimbabwe, people do not really know the benefits of no-till, and we have an uphill task in selling the idea.

I was a research and development engineer before the land reforms here. We even built a direct seed drill and ran a test field on a wheat, soybean and corn rotation, but all this just collapsed.

With recurrent droughts and high inflation, I personally believe that reduced tillage is the only way out.That’s why I would like to ask for assistance from those who would share their experiences with me.

I am from a non-commercial farming section of the country. We have no irrigation system in place.

This is where I would like to start, and maybe new farmers can adopt the system later on.

How best can one start implementing no-till under rainfed agriculture in a semi-arid region like Zimbabwe, and how best can one win the hearts of farmers?

What really has made the U.S. such an advanced no-till country? How best could we use your experiences in our rural village of 12 homesteads, each with 20 acres at most, in order that we become the demonstration village for the rest of…

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