New Growing Season Brings More Protection For Soybeans

The list of options grows as no-tillers face the threat of Asian rust on top of the usual diseases, weeds and insects.

A NUMBER OF NEW products and Section 18 exemptions from the Environmental Protection Agency for the use of fungicides against Asian soybean rust means more options for no-tillers looking to protect their soybeans. Here’s a company by company rundown of the products no-tillers can add to their list of choices.

Syngenta Crop Protection

The EPA’s approval of Cruiser brand seed treatment for controlling insects in soybeans was a key development for Syngenta Crop Protection. Following the EPA move, Syngenta is able to offer Cruiser Maxx Pak, which pairs Cruiser with ApronMaxx brand seed treatment fungicide to provide protection against a broad spectrum of early-season insects and diseases in soybeans.

CruiserMaxx Pak protects soybean seeds and seedlings against seed- and foliar-feeding insects, including soybean aphid, bean leaf beetle, seed corn maggot and wireworm. By keeping insect populations under control, Syngenta says, CruiserMaxx Pak might protect soybeans from some of the viruses that insects are likely to transmit, including the bean pod mottle virus transmitted by the feeding of the bean leaf beetle.

In addition, CruiserMaxx Pak protects against all major seed- and soil-borne disease pathogens, including Pythium, early-season Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia, Fusarium, seed-borne Sclerotinia, seed-borne Phomopsis and general seed rots.

According to Syngenta, university and independent field tests conducted under heavy insect pressure indicate that CruiserMaxx Pak-treated soybeans offer a yield response of as much as a 10 to 14 bushels per acre over untreated seed. CruiserMaxx Pak also has shown the ability to increase yield even under low insect pressure, the…

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