If Spray Coverage Counts, These Tips Could Save A Season

Noted expert on spray nozzles provides points to remember as you prepare to cover your fields with herbicides and fungicides.

Robert Klein is an agronomist at the University of Nebraska and an expert on spray nozzles. He offered general guidelines for selecting and using spray equipment in the April issue of No-Till Farmer (see Pages 14 and 15). Below are other nuggets of advice Klein offered to attendees at this year’s National No-Tillage Conference:

  1. With high pressure, you get small particles, and you don’t drive small particles very far. They can tend to drift. And if they’re really small, they just evaporate.
  2. Twin jets are OK if you don’t mind plugged nozzles. I’m not a big lover of the twin jet nozzles because they tend to plug. We’ve had lots of guys come up after sessions like these agree with that statement.
  3. You have to play that game between size of nozzle and the pressure. If somebody recommends that you use a certain pressure, but they don’t tell you what nozzle type to use, they could be completely wrong for your application.
  4. Boom height is the second biggest factor in dealing with drift concerns. It really helps if you can carry these booms lower and angle them back.  If you really want to get thorough coverage down in the canopy, you’re going to be much better doing that.
  5. With fungicides, we don’t have to be as nervous about drift as with herbicides. You’re going to give up a little bit on drift control with fungicides for better penetration.
  6. We can do a better job of managing drift if we never…
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