Put Dollars In the Bank Not In Your Fuel Tank

Check these 50 fuel-saving tips for no-tillers.

No-tillers already minimize fuel expenses by not pulling tillage equipment over their fields. But, given the exploding cost of fuel, it can’t hurt to note that we can save even more by ensuring that we’re operating our equipment as efficiently as possible throughout the growing season. Here’s a checklist to help ensure thoroughness in further reducing your costs.

Engine And Power Train

Provide timely, routine maintenance as needed for

  •  Air filters.
  •  Fuel filters.
  •  Fuel injectors.
  •  Oil changes and correct oil levels
  •  Oil viscosity to fit the engine and season.
  •  Cooling system (radiator flush, working thermostat).
  •  Transmission fluid change and fluid level.
  •  Worn or slipping belts.

Tire Management

Use the right size and style tires and keep them in good operating condition to improve traction and floatation while reducing rolling resistance.

  • Proper inflation, check at least weekly in season.
  • Use radial tires, as they will outperform bias tires.
  • Use medium lugs; long lugs increase fuel consumption on dry ground.
  • Replace tires with worn out lugs.
  • Use single tires.
  • Avoid triples. (If more floatation is needed, use larger radials as duals.)
  • Correct tire ballast, front and rear. (You should have 65 percent weight on the rear wheels with 2-wheel-drive, 60 percent with 4-wheel-drive.)
  • Arrange quick, easy way to change ballast as needed.
  • Tires should slip 8 to 12 percent when pulling a load on firm surfaces, 10 to 16 percent on soft ground

Fuel Management

  •  Fill fuel tanks whenever equipment is at the farmstead.
  •  Eliminate excess trips.
  •  Do a maintenance check at…
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