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 “What type of corn or soybeans did you plant this year: GMO, insecticide- or fungicide-treated or traditional seed? Did you change your corn hybrid or soybean varieties this year, and if so, why? What might you plan to do differently in 2008?”|

A. This year we planted GMO soybeans (Roundup Ready) and more triple-stack corn on our corn-on-corn acres. Next year, my rotation will include planting more soybeans and less corn and I will stay with Roundup Ready soybeans.

— Cory Bergt, Lincoln, Neb.

A. This year, we’re using Bt corn for above- and below-ground insect protection and a little triple-stack with Roundup Ready varieties as well as Roundup Ready soybean varieties. If Roundup Ready corn can yield with conventional hybrids, then we’ll use more of it in 2008.

— Marion Calmer, Alpha, Ill.

A. Our corn is the traditional 22,200 per acre population. Soybeans are Roundup Ready early group V to be planted as soon as we can get on the ground.

Some are questioning no-till soybeans in unharvested wheat, asking if a conventional planter will do the job. This depends on the make and condition of the disc openers. Replace half of the discs on the left side and half on the right side of planter to balance the draft. This will leave you with a 1-1.5-inch lead and will cut through moderate residue without much trouble.

— Keith R Beeman, 
Humboldt, Kan.

A. I have gone to all triple-stack varieties. For my 20 percent refuge, I…

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