More Tips, Tricks And Techniques For Continuous Corn

1. When strip-tilling, it is essential to have the proper planting depth and use trash whippers to move remaining residue off the row area. I also recommend a split application of nitrogen and the use of readily available nitrogen sources such as UAN or ammonium nitrate.

2. The key to sucess with strip-tilled continuous corn is to be patient, plant slowly, use a starter fertilizer that doesn’t injure the seed and plant only when conditions are right.

—William Benner, Mt. Pulaski, Ill.

3. A hog operation is an ideal situation for corn on corn. When hog manure is knifed in during the fall, it mellows the soil and makes for ideal no-tilling conditions next spring.

—Jim Sandahl, Stephenson, Mich.

4. While continuous corn can offer major weed control challenges, paying close attention to weed pressures at harvest can help you select a hybrid that better fits your weed protection program. It’s also critical to pay close attention to soil sampling and the importance of a good liming and crop nutrition program with continuous corn.

—Todd Hesterman, Napoleon, Ohio

5. With strip-till, the heavy corn residue builds organic matter and feeds the soil microorganisms. With strip-till, choose your corn hybrids carefully and avoid planting the same type of hybrids 2 years in a row.

Fungicides work even better with corn on corn because of the increased disease pressure. Fertility is more important with continuous corn, so balance your nutrients and don’t overdo any of them. Pull a tissue test on first-year…

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