YOUâ??RE IN CONTROL. For no-tillers, owning your own sprayer allows you to be more timely and precise with herbicide applications so that you save on input costs and protect the yield potential of early emerging crops.

Owning Your Own Sprayer Never Looked So Good

Being precise with chemical applications dramatically cuts input costs, while being timelier with pesticides protects yield potential.

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to controlling weeds, insects and diseases. Spray delays of even a day or two, in some instances, can cause substantial erosion in yield potential.

Because no-tillers have experienced the ultimate efficiency in planting crops by eliminating tillage passes altogether, it has allowed them to maximize the acres they manage. As a result, the piece of equipment that spends the most time in their fields is the sprayer.

Each corn or soybean field will see at least two, if not three, passes for weed control. Infestations of bean leaf beetles and soybean aphids may require soybeans to receive an insecticide treatment. Today’s high commodity prices are even making preventive applications of fungicides more palatable to producers.

“The biggest impact on owning your own sprayer is the time-sensitive applications some chemicals require,” says Jim Williams, marketing engineer for Hagie. “Fungicides and insecticides require applications to be made at a specific growth stage or when infestation levels reach a specific point. If the application is made before or too long after these events, the application could have no effect or even be detrimental.”

“It’s very important to spray at the proper time and know the application rates are correct and accurate,” adds Ron Berg of Demco. “It’s easier to control this situation if you own your own sprayer.

“A good manager is going to be certain that the best job possible is done. By owning your own sprayer, the proper management decisions can be made in…

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