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Acetates vs EDTAs: Ensure You are Getting the Most Out of Your Foliar Application [Product Demonstration]

Join the editors of No-Till Farmer for a live digital product demonstration with Cultivace to learn how to optimize your foliar application and maximize yield.

It is widespread that EDTA-chelated fertilizers are utilized for foliar application. Still, you may be shocked to learn that this practice, which you employ to provide nutrients and therefore prevent yield and income loss, might only result in dollars going down the drain.

In this presentation, we showcase university data and third-party independent research data that suggest EDTA chelates aren’t the best option for foliar applications. Attendees can also expect to learn about an alternative option to EDTAs: Acetates. Questions to be answered include: What is an acetate? How do they match up against EDTAs? And how efficient are acetates? This presentation provides insight into some of the functions of the essential nutrients as well as soil conditions and other practices that can impact plant nutrient availability.

Topic Highlights:

  • What is an acetate?
  • What is an EDTA?
  • Molecule size comparison EDTA vs Acetate
  • Research Data foliar efficacy/Acetate vs. EDTA
  • Nutrient function
  • Nutrient interaction

Email Mackane Vogel at No-Till Farmer with any questions about the webinar.

Meet the Speaker

Tom Tregunno

Wayne Sledge
Founder and President Cultivace

Wayne Sledge is president and founder of Cultivace, a West Coast-based fertilizer manufacturer. Wayne has over 50 years of experience in the field of agriculture and began his career as a grower. He eventually transitioned to fertilizer sales and was quickly promoted up the chain, managing several locations along the way…

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