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Editorial: Define Your Cover Crop Goals for Measurable Success – 6

5 Considerations for Getting Started with Cover Crops – 16

Cover crop seeding timing, termination methods & other key topics to consider

6 Tips for Making Cover Crops Work with Your Tillage Practices – 20

From seeding to termination, cover croppers & seed companies share advice for successfully incorporating cover crops into your operation, regardless of your choice in tillage tools

A Guide to Terminating Cover Crops – 32

Everything you need to know about cover crop termination from timing, methods & cautions

Cover Crops Helped Growers Overcome Drought in 2023 – 44

Growers weigh in on how cover crops affected their cash crops during challenging times of drought throughout growing season

Focus on the ‘4Rs’ for Higher Yields – 48

First-ever Conservation Ag Operator Fellow delves into the ‘4Rs’ of nutrient management: right source, right time, right rate & right place

Evolving EPA Strategies to Protect Endangered Species Will Affect Your Herbicide Use by 2025 – 54

Continued use of certain herbicides will depend upon conservation methods in place on areas affected by Endangered Species Act

New Crop Protection Tools for 2024 – 56

New formulations for weed control, plant disease protection & plant health are available for the 2024 growing season

Higher Productivity Central to Latest Ag Innovations at Agritechnica – 59

Record crowd visited international trade fair to see the latest

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