The Biologicals Boost — Combat Drought, Heat, Disease, and Pests While Improving Yield with Biological Products [Product Demonstration Webinar Replay]

Join the editors of No-Till Farmer for our product demonstration webinar with Indigo Ag.

The decisions you make today are important in preparing your crops to fight against harsh field conditions, such as drought, heat, diseases, and plant-damaging nematode pests. Indigo Ag’s proprietary portfolio of biological products are field-tested and proven to combat these major stressors while supporting plant growth and soil health. In this webinar, attendees will learn more about how biologicals fit into a crop management program and how to determine which biological products can help your crops perform at their best based on your field's unique environment.

The panel discussion covers:

  • How biologicals fit into a plant performance/protection portfolio
    • including how they can work alone or in combination with other products or treatments.
  • Which biological products deal best with drought, heat, disease and pests
  • Field trial results of these products
  • ROI in terms of cost and yield uplift

Email Mackane Vogel at No-Till Farmer with any questions about the webinar.

About the Speakers

Tom Lawler

Tom Lawler – Sr. Sustainability Scientist, Indigo Ag
Tom Lawler is a Sr. Sustainability Scientist for Indigo Ag. His work focuses on identifying new technologies and farm practices to improve measurement, monitoring, and sequestration of carbon in agricultural soils for enhancing overall soil health and farm profitability. Tom is from a corn and soybean farm in northwest Iowa and enjoys working alongside farmers to create effective and sustainable regenerative farming solutions for their operations.

Shannon Gnad

Shannon Gnad – Director of Agronomy, Indigo Ag
Shannon Gnad…

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