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How to Reduce Your Fertilizer By Up To 70% While Increasing Yield [Webinar]

Did you know that most of the nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium applied to the soil is never absorbed by the crop and does not improve crop performance?

Watch the editors of No-Till Farmer's free webinar with Advancing Eco Agriculture (AEA). In this webinar, AEA's Director of Education, David Miller, will describe how to manage soil biology to release the nutrients that are tied up in the soil mineral matrix and don’t show up on a conventional soil test.

Learn more about:
  • Understanding your soil test so you don’t buy inputs that you don’t need
  • The relationship between the carbon, water, and nutrient cycles
  • The role of biology in all three cycles and how to get started on your operation
  • How AEA’s nutrition management programs work and their results

Email Mackane Vogel at No-Till Farmer with any questions about the webinar.

About the Speaker:

David Miller

David Miller, Director of Education, Advancing Eco Agriculture

David comes from a teaching background and found profound correlations of how a student's diet affected their mental clarity in the classroom. From there he began an independent consulting business driven by a desire to put nutrition back into food. David joined AEA in 2011 and has a passion for teaching farmers how to regenerate their farms by capitalizing on how plants and soils interact. His specialties include orchards and small fruits, especially blueberries. As the leader of AEA's education effort, he directs ongoing education for new and existing consultants.

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