KEY COMPONENT. The heart of Latitude Ag’s SRV2 section-controlled recirculation and injection system is this molded plastic vacuum eductor assembly. The latest version is being calibrated to work with a variety of on-board controllers. Latitude-AG

Section Chemical Injection Enables Precision Chemical Application

Latitude-AG’s retrofit SRV2 Boom Section Injection & Recirculation System reduces chemical waste & water usage.

Latitude-AG’s new SRV2 Boom Section Injection and Recirculation System breaks ground on reducing chemical waste and exposure with a retrofit system for sprayers of all colors.

With a working prototype demonstrating its capabilities at field days and the Midwest Ag Industries Exposition, Latitude-AG’s SRV2 Boom Section Injection and Recirculation System promises to save growers and applicators time and expensive chemicals.

“We have taken chemical injection to a new level by redesigning the recirculation and chemical injection layout to take advantage of the newer technologies that offer improved practices,” says company president Kurt Kamin.

“First, we confined the recirculation to the section level only, thus simplifying the cleanout process and limiting waste. This process is made extremely simple with the addition of our new sectional chemical injection system.

“By monitoring the carrier flow at the section level along with the chemical flow at the injection site, we can precisely supply product to the sprayer nozzles.”

The system will be offered as a retrofit on any brand sprayer and is ISOBUS compatible — meaning no-tillers can use their own monitors or a monitor provided by Latitude-AG — with or without pulse width modulation (PWM) nozzles. The system enables a much more efficient chemical injection calibration than possible on systems in which product is injected near the main sprayer pump.

Easy Cleanout

“The SRV2 system is an industry-first for on-the-go individual section chemical injection programmability,” Kamin says.

The newly patented, no-moving-part recirculation system cuts sprayer cleanout time from hours to minutes. Because the…

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Dan Crummett

Dan Crummett has more than 35 years in regional and national agricultural journalism including editing state farm magazines, web-based machinery reporting and has an interest in no-till and conservation tillage. He holds B.S. and M.S. degrees from Oklahoma State Univ.

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