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[Digital Demonstration] An Introduction to NewLeaf Symbiotics and their Proprietary PPFM Technology


Naturally occurring microbes called pink-pigmented facultative methylotrophs (PPFMs or ‘M-trophs') have the potential to revolutionize the world’s approach to sustainable agriculture. The first breakthrough in this new class of ag biologicals is called Terrasym by NewLeaf Symbiotics. Terrasym contains specially selected living PPFMs and can be applied as a seed treatment or, new in 2022, as a convenient planter box application.


Learn how Terrasym has established a natural, permanent partnership with plants and enhance nutrient uptake to make crops more stable and tolerant of stress throughout their life cycle, resulting in stronger yields at harvest.

During this webinar replay, NewLeaf Symbiotics’ Technical Product Manager Dr. Allison Jack, and Chief Commercial Officer Matt Helms, will share how…


  • Terrasym products are proven to improve nutrient uptake, enabling enhanced emergence, vigor and nutrient acquisition. This translates to enhanced plant growth throughout the growing season, resulting in higher yield and crop quality at harvest.
  • Across 6 years of testing, Terrasym for soybeans has shown increases in total root area by 2.9% and has a 75% win rate and an +2.0 Bu/A advantage at harvest.
  • Across 5 years of testing, Terrasym for corn has shown increases in total root area by 6.7% and has an 80% win rate and a +4-5 Bu/A advantage at harvest.
  • Terrasym products enable enhanced nutrient uptake of key micronutrients, such as iron in soybeans and iron and manganese in corn.
  • Terrasym products will be available as a planter box application in 2022 for convenient, easy to use application…
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