No-Till, Interseeding and Cover Crops Help Activate Malfunctioning Soils

Reversing ponding and crusting are just two soil benefits resulting from New York no-tiller Jeff Toussaint’s shifts in farm management.

Pictured Above: BUILDING SOIL. Jeff Toussaint (right) and his son Matt have taken to interseeding cover crops in their corn acres to improve the health of their soils and push up corn yields.

Water used to make itself nice and comfortable in many of our fields. Too comfortable. Rain and snowmelt would result in ponding that would delay field work or kill crops. 

Cool, wet springs would turn fields into unplantable muddy messes. Tillage begat more tillage, resulting in powdery soils that were vulnerable to crusting, especially in the heavy clay soils closer to our home farm.

My son, Matt, and I farm right up to the edge of Lake Ontario. Back when I was tilling, the sandy loam ground on some of our farms would work up nicely, but the closer we got to the heavy clay soils near home, the greater the battle to get crops planted. We tried many promising remedies, including an array of tillage strategies, but couldn’t get the yields we thought we should.

After listening to Ray Rawson at various events we moved to zone till, then no-till, and now we’re interseeding cover crops, double cropping and adding new crops to our rotations. 

Check The Specs...

NAME: Jeff Toussaint

FARM: Toussaint Farms

LOCATION: Medina, N.Y.


ACRES: 1,300 acres

CROPS: Corn, soybeans, wheat, snap beans, triticale

Soil performance has improved by leaps and bounds as have yields in many cases. We’re using technology to target areas in our fields in need of…

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