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Horsch Academy: Strategies & Solutions for Modern Weed Management [Webinar]


One of the biggest challenges today in modern crop farming around the world is weeds increasing resistance to herbicides. Here in North America this issue has come full circle in not only where glyphosate has been primarily used, but also in other cropping environments using other chemistries.

This webinar explores the current situation with herbicide resistance in North America, discusses some smoking guns out there that are increasing the problem, and delves into some strategies for farmers to incorporate on their farms to combat this on going challenge.

About the Speakers

Greg Kruger

Greg Kruger — University of Nebraska Weed Science and Application Technology

Dr. Kruger is an Associate Professor and Pesticide Application Technology and Weed Science Specialist at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s West Central Research, Education and Extension Center in North Platte, Nebraska. His research areas of interest include spray application technology, pesticide drift, maximizing efficiency and efficacy of pesticide applications, and the interactions between pest management strategies. Dr. Kruger has constructed the Pesticide Application Technology Laboratory which includes a set of wind tunnels for measuring droplet sizes from pesticide spray solutions, a patternator for determining pattern distribution and a series of other pieces of equipment for research and training on pesticide applications. He received a B.S. in agribusiness & applied economics from Ohio State University, and an M.S. in plant pathology and Ph.D. in weed science from Purdue University. He is also an active member of multiple scientific organizations, such as the Weed Science Society of America and serves as…

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