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Profitability Strategies: Earning with Indigo Carbon [Webinar]


Want to improve your farm's resilience and profitability? Are you working to sustain and build your operation for the next generation? Are you interested in incorporating regenerative ag practices but want insights & support from experts to ensure success?

Adding cover crops, reducing tillage, and other practices can help benefit your soil and your bottom line. And now, increased soil organic matter or reduced greenhouse gas emissions from these practices can also generate verified carbon credits, which are increasingly in demand by buyers, such as major corporations.

To learn more, join the editors of No-Till Farmer for this webinar to learn how adopting practices that are good for your farm can also benefit your bottom line.

During this webinar, Indigo Ag's Ryan Stockwell and Darrin Unruh will discuss:

  • How to know when you are making progress on your soil health or regenerative journey
  • What to include in your plans for adding additional regenerative practices beyond the first year
  • Insights, data, and decision tools Indigo provides to simplify the process of adding regenerative practices
  • How Indigo Carbon provides additional income as you incorporate regenerative practices while maintaining operational flexibility
  • Success stories from the field

About the Speakers

Ryan Stockwell, Senior Manager of Agronomic Products

Dr. Ryan Stockwell serves as the Grower Engagement Manager at Indigo Ag. Previously, he served as the Director of Sustainable Agriculture for the National Wildlife Federation. In that role, he led the cover crops program including policy development in the Farm Bill, research coordination, and farmer champion…

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