Sprayers And Spraying Equipment Product Roundup 2013


"Product Roundup" of the latest Sprayer and Sprayer Equipment offerings from some of the industry's leading suppliers.


Presidio Sprayer From Hardi N.A.


The Presidio delivers class-leading field performance and floatation. The 700-gallon main tank and 70-gallon flush tank integrated into the chassis provide a low center of gravity and excellent weight distribution. Eagle boom widths of 80 and 90 feet produce high work rates and make spraying fast and efficient. A 4-wheel-drive, 3-speed hydrostatic transmission with cruise control is standard and powered by a Deutz 6-cylinder, 173-horsepower engine. Presidio optimizes design strength and weight distribution. Air-bag suspension provides superb comfort and ride and offers excellent crop clearance. The Hardi fluid system from tank to nozzle delivers precision application to the target every time.

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AutoGlide™ Auto Boom Height Control System


The new AutoGlide™ automatic boom-height control system from Bestway is available for most pull-type and self-propelled sprayers. The AutoGlide system uses rugged ultrasonic range sensors mounted on the booms to continually monitor and maintain the height of the booms above the ground or crop canopy. That leads to more consistent spray patterns, better coverage and reduced drift potential. AutoGlide uses your sprayers existing electric-over-hydraulic controls, so there are no extra hydraulic components to add to your sprayer. You can order AutoGlide factory installed on new Bestway Field Pro IV sprayers.

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Ace 650 Max Series Sprayer Pumps With Oasis™ WetSeal Technology


At Ace Pump Corp., we build the best sprayer pumps in the world. That’s a strong statement, but we can back it up with our 650 Max Series high-performance centrifugal pumps with exclusive Oasis™ WetSeal Technology. By isolating seals from the pump flow, our Oasis™ WetSeal technology means you’ll never have to worry about running dry or abrasive wear failure. It’s the perfect pump for today’s high-pressure applications, generating higher pressure at lower RPMs to ensure maximum canopy penetration and sprayer efficiency.

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AGCO RG700 Self-Propelled Sprayer


The new RG700 self-propelled sprayer from AGCO provides RoGator® professional-grade quality in a compact, 700-gallon tank machine. Features include the AWD Smart Drive System™, even weight distribution and Parallel C-channel flex frame, which together deliver consistent field speed without shifting and excellent traction with all four wheels remaining on the ground. The result is a smoother ride, reduced soil disturbance, less wear and tear on the booms and more precise product application, even under varying field conditions. The RG700 also offers adjustable track widths, leading technology systems and an application cab design with operator comfort and safety top of mind.

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New Condor Combo From Miller


Miller introduces the Condor GC75 in a liquid and dry applicator Combo Configuration. Maximize asset utilization by maintaining one chassis for liquid spray and dry spreader applications. The rugged and robust, yet nimble and simple Condor GC Series is powered by a straightforward mechanical drive train, delivering fuel-efficient power to the ground where you need it. Equip the Condor GC75 with a 1,000- or 1,200-gallon, self-contained spray system with booms up to 120 feet or easily swap the sprayer for a 255-cubic-foot New Leader G4 dry spinner box. The centralized quick-connect panel and mounting system enable a switch between liquid and dry in less than an hour.

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Apache Sprayer Enhancements For 2014


Equipment Technologies has taken the experience of spraying with an Apache to a new universe. The operator’s experience is enhanced with a new ergonomic cab equipped with a 7-inch interactive touchscreen, easier handling joystick, automated climate control and additional storage space. Every 2014 Apache sprayer we build delivers impressive traction, a quiet, smooth ride and fuel savings. We’re redefining luxury by redefining application.

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Hagie STS Self-Propelled Sprayer


The new 2014 Hagie STS sprayer features a revolutionary new drive system designed with optimal torque management and standard All Wheel traction control for improved efficiency and superior performance. Designed with operator safety and ergonomics in mind, the new 2014 cab boasts 25 cubic feet more space and offers a decal pedal, droplet size monitor and an infinitely programmable drive system measuring field efficiency to optimize operator-to-machine performance. The new pressurized cab features the Sy-Klone RESPA air filtration system, Bluetooth and a standard backup camera for the safest operator environment on the market. Call (800) 247-4885 to learn more.

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